Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jesus' Love

Jesus' Love

I was unfaithful and deceptive,
Yet you forgave me.
I was rude and crude, 
But still you saved me.
You knew most of us would betray you,
But on calvary you died for my sin.
Jesus now you live within.
All I have to do,
Is call out to you,
Because you will help me through, 
Whatever may come my way.
You point me to a brighter day.
If I fall you pick me up again.
With Jesus in my heart I will always win.
If I keep in touch with him,
I will never fall back into sin.
The devil tries to bring me shame, 
But when he shows I simply say,
Then he must flee,
Because I have the shield against all my enemies.
Jesus' love set me free,
From Satan's hold.
With Jesus in me, 
I will always be bold.
I can do all things through,
The one who will never grow old,
Jesus Christ! 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today I will Stand!

Today I will stand
Today I will face them, today I will stand.
I’m tired of them pushing me around, 
I don’t understand. 
I try and try every day to tell them, 
I don’t like the games they play  
I tried not to cry when I came home tonight, 
But the tears came out and I fight -
But I am afraid I am going to lose the fight, 
The fight for everlasting life. 
So today I say Stop! 
I don’t like the games they play, 
Today I will stand
—Michael Hutchison

This is something i wrote in 2009 on my blog expect to see many more poems by me both old and new. I can't wait to get this up and going and I hope you enjoy them:)